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David C. Dunning - Chief Firearms Instructor

Mr. Dunning joined the Marine Corps and served as an infantryman from 2003 to 2013. Mr. Dunning’s speciality was as an Anti-Tank Assaultman and a Rifleman. Mr. Dunning was responsible for the morale, discipline, and efficiency of over 120 marines in combat operations, installation security, and personal security operations. He deployed three times to Iraq for a total of 24 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He provided exceptional support for mobile combat operations, personal security convoys, vehicle convoy protection, and personal security details. 

While participating in combat and security operations as a member of an infantry platoon, he utilized advanced land navigation techniques, communications equipment, and crew-served weapons. He conducted scouting and patrolling operations, taking part in over 1,000 vehicle-mounted and foot patrols in support of mobile combat activities and personal security details. He also performed force protection duties including the use of deadly force for base defense activities and entry control points. He also was responsible for conducting vehicle check points and various other vehicle operations in a combat environment.

He took part in immediate actions in direct response to enemy attacks, including Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks and sophisticated enemy assaults. He has employed various weapon systems including the M2 .50 cal machine gun, Mk-19, TOW missile, Javelin missile, SMAW rocket, M240G, 249 SAW, M16A-4, M4, M203, M9 pistol, and AT-4. He was also responsible for developing training programs and their implementation, ensuring all classes, ranges, and field exercises were conducted in a realistic yet safe and professional environment.

In 2004, Mr. Dunning participated in Operation Phantom Fury. Operation Phantom Fury was a joint American, Iraqi, and British offensive in November and December 2004, considered the highest point of conflict during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was led by the United States Marine Corps against the Iraqi insurgent held stronghold in the city of Fallujah.The U.S. military called it "some of the heaviest urban combat U.S. Marines have been involved in since the Battle of Hue City in Vietnam in 1968.'

In 2005, Mr. Dunning deployed a second time and conducted combat operations in the vicinity of Haditha, Iraq. Haditha had seen some of the heaviest fighting up to that point in the war, with Marine forces sustaining heavy casualties. Mr. Dunning’s duties included mounted and dismounted patrols in order to deny the enemy safe haven in the area. It was during this time that Mr. Dunning was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for aggressively pursuing enemy activity and successfully locating several large weapons caches that significantly deteriorated the enemy’s chance of operating in the region. Mr. Dunning also participated in local security during the Iraq Government elections, ensuring local Iraqis were safely able to exercise their right to vote in the first Iraqi democratic vote. The Marines’ vigilance during this time allowed for a successful demonstration of democracy previously never before seen in that region.

In 2007 Mr. Dunning deployed with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). The mission of the MEU is to provide geographic combatant commanders with a forward-deployed, rapid-response force capable of conducting conventional amphibious and selected maritime special operations at night or under adverse weather conditions from the sea, by surface and/or by air while under communications and electronics restrictions. The 13th MEU was redeployed to Iraq as part of President George W. Bush’s Troop Surge of 2007. Mr. Dunning again conducted counter insurgent operations in the Anbar province, north of Fallujah. It was during this time Mr. Dunning worked with Army Special Forces elements; assisting and supporting in patrols, reconnaissance missions, and direct action raids on enemy strongholds throughout the area of operations.

Mr. Dunning currently works as a security contractor for the Department of Defense as a Team Leader for a Security Liaison Team. The Team Leader is in command and control for the Security Liaison Team. He conducts all mission planning and development and is responsible for the primary care of all clients in the vehicles and on the ground during missions. He also serves as the operations and logistics manager and ensures that team weapons and vehicles are maintained and operational. Additionally, he coordinates training areas and manages the team’s individual and collective training records.               

Mr. Dunning also plans and implements risk management procedures for all mobile protection operations, to include mobile protection planning and management, route risk assessment, development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), emergency response procedures, and contingency planning. He conducts Risk Assessments, and is responsible for the planning, development, and where necessary, reconnaissance of all ground movements for the project. He is the primary liaison to the client during all protective details.

Mr. Dunning is responsible for the management of all equipment accountability during any audits of team weapons, communications, and any other mission-essential equipment necessary to facilitate a successful mission.

Finally, Mr. Dunning can, when necessary, drive the lead vehicle, principal’s vehicle, or follow-vehicle, as required, in motorcade operations and conduct offensive or defense driving. Mr. Dunning also is responsible to maintain protective formation positions during the principal’s movements via foot travel on venues and is proficient in immediate action drills in order to provide the principal and any other client with the most efficient form of personal protection in any venue or environment.   

​Training Includes: Anti-tank Assaultman Course; Squad Leaders Course; Infantry Squad Leaders Course; Close Quarter Battle Training; Defensive Driving/Convoy Escort Course; Demolitions and Breaching Course; Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructor Course; Urban Assault Tactics Instructor Course; Small Unit Raid Leaders Instructor Course; Military Oriented Combat Shooting Instructor Course, GLOBAL Integrated Security Close Protection Course; Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certified; National Rifle Association Basic Instructor Training; National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor Training