8-HOUR CCW Course

Our 8-Hour Concealed Carry Course is much more than your average CCW Course. You will learn the principles of marksmanship and apply them to defensive shooting techniques. We will also closely examine the effects of stress inoculation on the human body and how to apply your principles of marksmanship under stress.  

You will learn the laws and your rights regarding carrying a firearm and defending yourself in a worst case scenario, and perhaps more importantly, you will be able to prove in court that you received this instruction.

With a CCW Permit, no background check is required when purchasing a firearm. Your permit counts as your background check.

- A CCW Permit gives you the legal ability to carry concealed in many other states.

- A CCW Permit gives you the ability to carry concealed in National Parks.

- A CCW Permit allows you to carry concealed in an establishment that serves alcohol (as long as you do not consume alcohol and there is not a "No Firearms Allowed" signs posted).

Pistol I

Pistol Level 1 is an introductory class and welcomes shooters to the world of handguns. Our goal is to build a level of familiarity with handguns and to establish a level of proficiency in our shooters by covering the fundamentals of marksmanship with a handgun, basic handgun ballistics, handgun anatomy and handgun maintenance. During this period of instruction, shooters will begin to establish a foundational skill set for any type of environment. Students will be introduced to weapons safety rules and considerations and will begin their training by covering topics such as basic shooting positions, grip and hand placement, trigger pull, sight picture and sight alignment. Our shooters will also learn how to engage targets effectively by utilizing a proper draw technique from the holster, conducting reloads, and engaging multiple targets from multiple distances. Pistol Level 1 is recommended for any shooter interested learning the fundamentals or wanting to hone their skills. Remember, you never rise to the occasion, you default to your level of training!

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